Sacrifice in time nativity: Personal development

The textbook definition of personal development include activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability,enhance quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations. Young adults are a bright star of the night,light of the silent night,holy night that come upon the midnight clear. The nativity season is upon us again and nativity means childbirth. Childbirth ensures the continuity of our race just as personal development ensures growth of our race in the society.

If you are an enthusiast of Biko Zulu’s blogs,I bet you have come across the hash tag #realpeoplerealstories. A campaign that showcases the stories of ordinary people using creativity and innovation to inspire their communities. When you think about this in a young adult perspective, we can merely inspire our societies without first going through an adequate self or personal development phase through sacrifice.

Jim Rohn says, “Learning is the beginning of wealth .Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.” Learning the power of purpose is the first step in personal development. This is to have something to go for,some meaning in what you do, a magnificent obsession, something that impact us into the future. Purpose pulls you to the future and you are not pulled back by the past or side by distractions. The more powerful the purpose the stronger it pulls through all kinds of challenges and difficulties. If one is less of their strong purpose for the future,they can be easily swallowed by a bad day,easily annihilated by a poor month and even to almost disappear beneath the waves of a year that goes backwards if you do not have something to pull you beyond that year,beyond the moment. The clearer the purpose is ,the stronger it pulls. The more dynamic the purpose, the more it affects your life,spirit,and soul. It creates imagination. It makes your mind work on how to achieve that purpose. Emmanuel James says,” If your mind, spirit ,body and heart works towards good ideas,there is nothing you cannot accomplish. “

Self confidence comes from the lack of neglect. Not neglecting the small daily disciplines. It is feeling good about yourself, knowing that at the end of the day,you did your best. If you attended a class,you learnt as much as you could. If you made a phone call, you achieved whatever information you were putting across. If you attended a party,you had much fun and maybe interacted with a group of new people. If you learnt a new skill ,it did some justice to your skills development. If you sent a text,you communicated purposefully ,among other activities. At the end of these normal days,when you feel good about what you have done to yourself,self confidence begins to rise.knowing that you can have this kind of a good day and you can have another one the next day and those days become weeks,weeks become months and gradually you have a great and powerful year.Part of good health is self confidence;doing some jogging,eating healthy diet, maintaining healthy relationship and hydrating.Self confidence majorly affects your daily life.With this you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and ability to also rise above your circumstances.The ability to rise above petty little things, the discouraging things that will sink every person’s ship except yours.Willingness to overcome all circumstances.

A powerful enthusiasm is enthusiasm from within.The ethuasiasm created by self confidence, purpose,genuine willingness to help other people,knowing you’re going to affect and impact peoples lives, getting that job done, having testimonials inspiration, flowing in from all kinds of directions.

Self development is wanting to excellent in all the skills and settling for nothing less than excellent performance. To be the best that you can be as you develop the everyday skills for you to become a better version of your adulthood. This may be; being an expert in your field of study,in music,in modelling,in gardening,in hairdressing,in digital marketing, in cooking,in public speaking and working out. In the training, do your best you possibly can.Developing the skills of using your personality,developing the skills of language, influence, affluence.Life has a way of investing these skills to even make a living out them.

The most powerful contribution to your variable is preparation. A big part of our life is spent on preparing.Grade one prepares us to grade two,we prepare for exams,as we progress we prepare to have a good day,to attend a workshop, we prepare for a meeting or a road trip. We prepare fir almost everything. It takes time to prepare and get ready.The decision you make during preparation time are the decision that last for a life time.Your degree of preparation portrays your seriousness in an activity.

The vital preparation is to prepare to success.Life does not seemingly wish to waste success on any unprepared person. This is because the fortune that comes with success is too expensive to waste. Life was designed to give us what we deserve,not what we want or need. Every value in life has to be paid for and no one is entitled to it with out working for it.Each value has to be thoroughly worked on.Any idea has to be put in practice for it to be ready for any opportunity or challenge that comes.When you are ready,you are well equipped by language, instinct, temperament,personality and influence.

With all these put in place,there is a living icon of young adult determination to change their world,especially their environment. To inspire the world with hope,love and generosity towards one another. Lastly,have yourself a truly blessed,peaceful and joyfilled month of love and goodwill.

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  1. Let’s get going!This is the light that we need as adults at tunnel for us to get to the light at the end of the tunnel

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