Prudent friends for life and time






“Having friends has dramatic effects on our happiness and mental wellbeing,”says R.I.M Dunbar in his article,The anatomy of friendship.The article also says that friendship is the single most important factor influencing our health and wellbeing

Friendship trigger certain qualities in us that might not be necessarily second nature such as selfness, vunerbility ,creativity and ability to master your emotions.You might actually find yourself running to someone’s rescue at odd hours.Not having friends is detrimental   to your physical ,mental and emotional wellbeing.Studies have shown that when individuals are faced with challenges or undergoing a major transition in life, those with good social networks are better placed to bounce back.

Friendships are very important because, we all need people to talk to and people that we can depend on for various things in life.They play a role in advising one and challenging them.Connecting with people you share similar interests and growing as friends by keeping in touch ,meeting up for recreations and genuinely having interests in each other’s affairs.Catching up and exchanging ideas is an important aspect of friendship.A friendship circle should be balanced .

I believe that no one is perfect. There are a certain weaknesses in friendship that one has to overlook .However, disrespect and backstabbing are unforgivable.Fair weather friends ,those who just stick around because of what they stand to get from you rather than what they stand for ,is a bad sign.

Friends have been anchors in my life.They inspire me to reach greater heights and cheer me up along the path. Comforters, confidants and a great company. You also gain exposure and sense of gratitude for different cultures, beliefs, values and personalities. Oooh!they also give life changing advises ,showing one how much they have in themselves ,worthy to salvage.Friendship get to fully flourish when the individual agree to  be completely vulnerable as it forms a deep bond required for a flourishing friendship.this is all about letting the other into your life.It goes a long way.

In young adults ,friendship is more of supporting each other emotionally and morally .Sharing joys and comforting   each other in times of sadness.I think friends choose you, you choose them too.When you approach it functionally ,there should be reciprocation and equity on actions to avoid looking at confidants as drags.

There are many compartments to the concept friendship.Common interests underpin most friendships.People change all the time and sometimes,it is these changing circumstances that dictate the direction and strength of friendship. Sometimes ,people that we did not even think would stand up for us come through and turn out to be better friends than those we assumed to be our friends.



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