Out of that toxic environment

Today we tell this story in the third -person voice for formality. This is that kind of story that needs intimacy. Let us call her, Terry. In the last day of that cultural week, Terry had promised to attend the gala night which was scheduled on a Friday night. Such events are among the few events that allows an outside class learning experience in a Kenyan University. However, it seemed that she was more interested in to catching up with her long time friend than actually attending the event. I was then introduced to her as a student from the law school in town. It was one of the many Fridays when students liked to link up , interact , exchange ideas and have some good time. Meeting a new person who would actually be part of your blog a year plus later is something I could never predict.

When we first talked about school and everything in between. She talked to me about defering for a while due to poor relations among her course mates .Which according to me was a big deal that that was a hard nut to crack and a disturbing issue to deal with. In the midway of our conversation, it was clear that all I needed to do is just to listen good but to give solutions. Emotional health is a major concern that has to be dealt with.

We will all agree that story telling is a creative component of human experience and in order to share our experiences with the world , we need to recognise the importance of our own stories. Real stories by real people make us easily relate to experiences by connecting with people and mother nature. Not so soon, she transferred to a private institution. She had to choose between deferring for a year or changing the school. “When people do not mind their business, there is much talking and meddling into other peoples lives. Negativity corrupts the mind and in no time, its effects are revealed through your everyday life. We all have a reputation to maintain and small minds will always discuss people. Those who get talking are always below you.” She completes most of her sentences with an inspiration, a quote or an observation. We bumped into each other yesterday evening and she was enthusiastic about life. I was glad to see and hear from her again. From how she talks, you can tell that all she needed was a change of environment. She is now happy, healed, contented and all I can say is that ,I am glad that she healed from a toxic environment.” Working out frees the mind , soul and heart. It is not always about the strive for a perfect body.” She adds. Yes, her glow and way of communication shouted one adjective, confidence! After a short conversation, she would again chip in with a positive observation which just kept both of us on track. I have never had such a candid discussion with a healing woman whose progress is just spectacular. One thing however, remains constant , she is a go getter, a game changer who is on top of her game.

This is one of the many heartbreaking stories which occur in most environments that we are always in. The school, home, office, work or a church environment. Emotional tantrums may only portray your weakness in dealing with a toxic environment and might as well be used by others to easily manipulate you. I hope you heal from what you are going through as you talk it out, seek for help, change that environment, meditate and look for your peace of mind wherever with whatever it costs. It is what it matters friend!!

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  1. I hope everyone heals from wounds they are unable to speak about..
    Amazing work right here ?

  2. Been off for a while 😓
    I believe in talking out your issues to someone you believe most, it’s a way of healing 😁 my girl doing it well 💯💯

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