‘My baby is coming, school is demanding’






At the beginning of this promising and anticipated decade ,young adults anticipated and were overzealous about landing on their dream jobs, marrying and having kids.  Being a parent is what most of them aspired. A plan once made and visualised becomes a reality along other realities.A mundane fact about all of us is that ,we are products of pregnancy.Pregnancy is such a unique path and experience that one might feel unqualified for.With all that it comes with, it can be both euphoric ,dramatic and sometimes confusing a journey.It unveils new responsibilities ,privileges and self knowledge and can be overwhelming to a novice.

Hypothetically, the journey is more shadowy when it knocks at a young age .It gives itself an entitlement to always be a priority. However, nature has a way of  making us adapt to new circumstances   regardless of the situation ,with our minds efficiency.On this cool evening ,just after sunset, when the air was warm and the birds seem to be flying back to their nests ,I had a debate and a consultation with three of the most enthusiastic ladies who had their first babies in campus.I deciphered some requisite information about how it was to balance school, pregnancy and parenting what pregnancy meant to their lives and their opinion about pregnancy at a young age..They are my night shining stars.Nature’s gifts to the world.Acceptance and choosing to live happily are among the values that were boldly written on their faces.

My first guest says: At first,I had mixed feelings when I knew that I was expecting a baby.I was confused.I even thought of terminating it.It was so stressful and like everyone else,I thought it as inappropriate and thinking how society will  blame me and whole thing made it worse.Thinking about how my parents would react was a nightmare.I was worried about my studies.Later,I choose to keep it . Gradually,I became an excited mother to be.I could not wait for my baby to be born .A blessing ,my own flesh and blood.With all that I went through, getting pregnant at a young age is challenging because it comes with much responsibility and sometimes, it pushes you to inappropriate decisions like abortion ,alcohol abuse and even drowning to depression due to overthinking about your new norm. However, if it happens, look for appropriate guidance channel and do what is right .My life has not been much affected ,only that am now a new mother.Am lucky ,so to say because our parents help us out in providing for us and the baby. My schooling has not been greatly interfered with because school was indefinitely closed.However,I will resume after the pandemic and leave him behind with a nanny under my parents supervision.

My second guest says:When I saw that positive test on my bought kit, life came to a standstill. I became capricious.Everything seemed shadowy.I had never expected that to ever happen to me ,I even thought that I did not have the ability to conceive. I always cried to sleep  thinking of terminating it.I could not even take a shower.I lost weight ,missed classes and meals. However, after seeking counselling from the university guidance and counselling department, life came to ease.I embraced acceptance and responsibility.It is a good thing to be a mum after all! I changed my diet and started attending my clinics.M y baby became a priority.My thinking was greatly changed,I had to start thinking like a parent.Emotional and financial support are crucial.I felt they were scarce.The journey made me resilient, responsible and benevolent. It is about loving someone more than you love yourself.It is now lovely, a guarantee of the future.She closed all doors of regret.I took her to be under my parents care some months after delivery and it helped a lot  as I focused more on my studies.

My third guest says:It was on this sunny afternoon when I found out that I was going to be a mother in school.I was excited, happy and confused.A close confidant was rather cross with the news. Gladly, my partner fell into an ecstatic mood when he found out about it.His excitement and joy gave me hope and a unique emotional support.I did not let the whole thing blind my judgement because I was weeks to my semester’s exam.I think glad acceptance of the responsibility enabled me to live a normal campus life.The responsibility however is not easy at a young age because one is not yet done with their studies and not mentally and financially stable compared to a 30’s adult. If that support does not come in handy, suicidal thoughts might find their way in.Learning how to take care of a newborn is exhilarating and heady.I cannot compare it to anything else.Sometimes you find yourself being a fussy parent and another time, a complete novice . Every-time is a learning opportunity.

In his book,Steinbeck says, “if everyone acts and conducts themselves in a known pattern and breaks no walls and differs with no one and experiments in no way and is not sick and does not endanger the ease  and peace   of mind or steady flow of the town, then that unit can disappear and never be heard of.But let one man step out of the regular thought or the known  and trusted pattern and the nerves of the towns people ring with nervousness and communication travels over the nerve lines of  the town.then every unit communicates to the whole”

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