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Beyond the barrier of trauma

Once twice or oftenly, we have experienced different degrees of trauma. The heaviness of trauma terribly weighs on people as the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms one’s ability to cope to a situation and causes feelings of helplessness, anxiety,confusion and it diminishes their sense of self emotions and experience.

A research conducted by World Health Organisation through the World Mental Health Survey show that more than 125,000 people surveyed in twenty six countries, had experienced drama. The numbers are probably much higher than that.

A mother experiencing loss of her baby may have emotional outburst and even find it difficult to cope with how they feel in the moment. Worst still is when that needed emotional support is scarce or unavailable. These mothers may feel the urge to stay away from people yet they need help. If the mother has experienced such loss occasionally in a row,her body may instinctively crouch, protecting itself from such form of trauma from reoccurring and this response becomes euphoric and blinding.

It is evident that humans are not immune to trauma. They can however find amicable ways of dealing with either acute,chronic or complex trauma. Therapy is a first line treatment for trauma in any circumstance. There is a vast array of therapies applied by therapists to their patients. Medication manage the trauma symptoms like depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance. Self care helps individuals to cope with emotional, psychological and physical symptoms of trauma. Exercise is almost a treatment and remedy for most lifestyle diseases.

I tend to think that meditation and being aware of mindfulness based exercise like sleeping, breathing and relaxing can ground people to the present and can help them relieve from any dark past or fear of a future event.

Lastly, seek help and ask for support from others. Talk it out ,read about it and CALL 911

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