About me

welcome to my world!

So in a classroom, I would be the student who sits at the back of the class near a window.

I would not occupy the front desks because I prefer short sighted and short students to have their way. Life has been fair.

You guessed right ,yes,I can easily camouflage in any given environment. A keen teacher would easily notice an introvert backbench.

My participation and performance  would easily stand out in an audience.

The window is my magical imagination.It unveils my creative potentiality.

Whenever I stare at the bottom opaque part of the classroom window ,it reignite the spark within and reminds me of who I am.

The top transparent part will always be open whenever the inside air is warmer than what my system can take.

 The fresh breeze is always a vibe ,a hefty gust of wind once in a while is as good as it is.We live our lives differently.

Welcome to my class, the front desks are vacant.


My name is Cynthia Lel, a Kenyan by nationality.

Am an African woman who is a lifestyle blogger ,an editor ,passionate about the society, who is currently a student.

I write for my website and other platforms that keep writers like me afloat.

If you got this fleeting sense of being part of the journey; let us board the lelstyles.com boat and

 start the engine heading towards this blog worldfull of beautiful destinations and a million stop overs.

We cannot exhaust all of it but yeeiy! The journey seems exciting.

Sometimes, the sea might be full of storms .The tides might get furious against the impenetrable cliff,

pushing our boat to the edge where the rock meets oblivion, fear might become euphoric and blinding.

We might be tempted to alight from the boat but the body will instinctively crouch to protect itself from the storm if it does not calm and we will restart the engine again with confidence

Long will not be forever, the exhilarating feeling of being alive tenfold ,will be inexplicable!


If you ask me when I started doing my own blogs, I would say  2020.Others started way too early, ten years ago or ten years later from now.

Timelines are always different.I felt it right to start my blog today and I wanted to put myself out there ,with the best foot forward.


Here ,we share our hobbies, culture, values, beliefs; all about lifestyle.A generational inspiration and a societal eye opener.

An expectations versus reality check.Did I tell you that your opinion matter?Yes genuine critics are also welcomed on board.We write about things that we are passionate about, things we enjoy to explore

.As we exchange a day of our lives with what we do in the moment.